Time & Attendance (Duke University Health System staff only)

The purpose of time and attendance is to automate collection of hours worked and accrual of paid time off.

Each day the non-exempt staff member will "swipe" his or her Duke ID card through a badge reader as they arrive at work and upon departure. Hours will automatically be collected and sent to payroll, along with the appropriate pay rate and premiums. Exempt staff will swipe in once per day. For details regarding "swiping in," please refer to the DUHS Badge Swiping Policy on the DUHS intranet.

If the staff member is offsite and unable to swipe their Duke ID card, he or she will be permitted to phone in hours or log in by computer with prior agreement from the supervisor.

Staff will have ownership and accountability for inputting work time and PTO hours, and will be able to access information about their PTO banks by phone. Supervisors will be able to override the system and make the necessary corrections. All staff are able to use the internet to view their own timecards in order to check hours worked or review PTO balances. Some staff are given the privilege to sign in and out via the internet. The staff member's supervisor will advise if applicable. The web address for these functions is: http://staff.dukehealth.org. To gain access, select TimePC, enter NetID and password. Click on the Login icon. Any NT computer used within the institution will allow staff this privilege. If checking a timecard from home, ensure the internet web browser is compatible with the ReportXpress system used by Time and Attendance.

Automation cannot capture everything- it only captures badge in and badge out times. There will be times when notations will be necessary to the adjustment sheet to clarify hours recorded. Each department should have an adjustment sheet for this purpose. Find out from a supervisor where the location of the sheet is located. Currently all PTO at Duke University Health System except Duke Raleigh Hospital is manually entered from requests on the adjustment sheet, DHRH has its own automated staffing system that transfers the hours electronically to the Time and Attendance System.

SAP R/3 is the business application software that runs the Duke University Health System’s core administrative processes. It runs the accounting and payroll system.