Duke@Work - Self Service Web Site

Browser Requirements

Firefox is now supported by SAP for the Duke@Work portal through version 7. New releases of the FireFox browser will be automatically supported as they are released.

Drop down buttons do not work as expected in a few functions. If you click on the drop down arrow in the cases listed below, the list does not appear, but the field is highlighted. You can scroll through the drop-down list by clicking the down or up arrow and then "Enter" when you get to the selection you want. The impacted functions for the problem noted above are: 1) iForms – Position functions, 2) dFac Faculty Views and Worklists, 3) Time Card Approvals, and 4) Approval Roles.

Internet Explorer 9 is supported in compatibility mode. Please select the compatibility mode icon on the address bar.

compatibility mode

User Assistance
Help using Self-Service website
  1. Check with your department's HR and payroll representatives.
  2. Email payroll@duke.edu
Help with NetID and Password
DUHS: DHTS Help Desk, 684-2243
University: OIT Help Desk, 684-2200
Log-In Help

How do I log in?

You login using your NetID and password.

What is my NetID?

A NetID is a unique, alphanumeric identifier that faculty and staff can use to log in to systems and computing resources in the Duke Computing Network. Your NetID is assigned access privileges according to your position at Duke. More and more systems across Duke are incorporating NetIDs for their users' convenience. The more systems that use NetID, the fewer logins and passwords Duke Users will need to remember.

How do I find out whether I have a NetID?

  • Browse to the Duke Directory Server Gateway
  • Type your name in the entry field and click Search.
  • Click on your name in the results list.
  • When your directory information is displayed, look for your NetID in the lower left under Organizational Information.

I know I have a NetID password, but I can't remember it. What do I do?

  • Click on the "Forgot Your Password" link on the NetID log in page.
  • Contact the OIT Help Desk at 684-2200 (University employees) or the DHTS Help Desk at 684-2243 (DUHS employees).
  • Download the Password Change form. Follow the instructions on the form for submitting it to the OIT Help Desk. It takes about 24 hours to reset your password.

I need to change my NetID password. What do I do?

  • Open a browser and go to the Online@Duke web site
  • Under the NetID Services link, click "Change your password". The Duke University NetID Services window opens.
  • Type in your NetID and password, click Enter. The "Change your password" window opens.
  • In the "Old password" field, type your current NetID password. In the "New password" field, type in your NEW password, then re-enter it in the "Confirm new password" field. Click Submit.
  • If you prefer, you can contact the OIT Help Desk at 684-2200 (University employees) or the DHTS Help Desk at 684-2243 (DUHS employees).

How do I know my information is protected?

  • Your information is secured with your NetID and password. No one will be able to see your information except you.
  • Make sure you have a "strong" password that combines letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Don't share your password with anyone.

How do I create a bookmark to Duke@Work?

To create a bookmark to the Duke@Work web site in Microsoft Internet Explorer, right click on this link and choose "Add to Favorites". To create a bookmark to the Duke@Work web site in Mozilla Firefox, right click on this link and choose "Bookmark This Link".

When I log into the Duke@Work web site, I get the error message "User Locked". What does this mean?

The "User Locked" message means that your SAP ID has been locked typically due to lack of use. Please contact the OIT Help Desk at 684-2200 (University employees) or the DHTS Help Desk at 684-2243 (DUHS employees) and they can unlock the ID for you.

I can log into the Duke@Work web site, but all I see is a blank screen. How can I resolve this?

This is caused by a setting on your PC. Please contact your department's computer support personnel for assistance.

Why does nothing happen when I click on the "Log Off" link at the top right of the screen?

In order to log off from the web site, you must allow pop-ups from the Duke@Work web site. Please contact your department's computer support personnel for assistance in adjusting your settings. If you do not wish to adjust your pop-up blocking settings, you may also close your browser window to log off.

I can see all pages of Duke@Work except for my pay statement. What is the problem?

This situation is typically created when there is an invalid SAP printer associated with the employee’s user account. Reconnecting to a valid SAP printer or deleting the SAP printer entirely should correct the issue. Click here to read more...

How do I set compatibility view in Internet Explorer 8 to make Duke@Work display properly?

Duke@Work only works properly in Internet Exploer 8 if the "compatibility view" is set. To do this, open Internet Explorer and choose Tools >> Compatability View Settings from the top menu. Under "Add this website", type "duke.edu" and hit the "Add" button.