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  • Pay Questions?
    Contact Corporate Payroll Services at 684-2642
  • Benefits/HR Questions?
    Contact the HR Information Center at 684-5600
  • Technical Questions?
    Contact OIT at 684-2200 (University employees)
    Contact DHTS at 684-2243 (DUHS employees)
Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the Duke@Work web site?

Duke@Work is a self-service web site that offers faculty and staff the ability to view and update their personnel information at Duke. The site offers flexibility and convenience to view pay statements online, sign up to discontinue paper pay statements, update home and work addresses, set up or change bank accounts for direct deposit, and review benefit selections and retirement plan balances. The site also allows supervisors, payroll representatives, and business managers to access other online functions such as iForms, Candidate Selection, and BPS (Budget Planning System).

Using your NetID and password to access the secured site, you are able to:

  • View current and past pay statements
  • Opt out of receiving a paper direct deposit statement
  • Change your home address
  • Update your work address (physical location)
  • Access your health care or dependent care reimbursement account
  • View your retirement plan balance
  • Review benefit participation
  • Explore professional development opportunities and search for jobs at Duke
  • Set up or change bank accounts for direct deposit
  • Change Federal and North Carolina tax withholdings amounts

What is the advantage to using the Duke@Work web site?

The Duke@Work web site will provide Duke users and the entire organization with many benefits:

  • Users will be able to instantly perform transactions online.
  • Site will streamline administrative processes and reduce the potential for errors from multiple points of data entry.
  • There is less paperwork, which supports the university's efforts to promote environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Your personal data is more secure.

Is participation in the Duke@Work web site mandatory?

No. the Duke@Work web site provides employees another option to view their personal information and the ability to make changes more conveniently online.

If I don't have an email address, can I still use the Duke@Work web site?

An email address is not required to access the web site.  However, an email address is needed to receive pay statement notifications and email confirmations of changes made.

How will I confirm that I have made a change?

You will receive an email confirmation for every change you make through the Duke@Work web site. The email will include the effective date of the change. The type of change and whether you are paid bi-weekly or monthly may impact the date the change is reflected in your pay statement.

Are there any times when I will not be able to change or view my data?

Yes. To prevent system errors and payment mistakes, you cannot change data when Corporate Payroll Services is running payroll. If you attempt to change data during this time, you will receive a message informing you that the system is not available. During the time when the system is not available, you will be able to view your data. The only other time when information will not be available is during system downtime.


How frequently can I change my data?

There are no limits to the number of changes you can make, but only the most recent change made before a payroll deadline will be reflected in your pay statement for a given pay period.

Can I download information to my home or work computer?

Yes. All you need to access the Duke@Work web site is Internet access and your NetID and password.

How do I support my co-worker who is not able to read English?

The Self Service web site is only available in English. Please assist your co-worker in finding a translator who can assist them.

What if I don't have access to a computer?

Computer access is available at any of the Duke libraries or at the Human Resources office located at 705 Broad St.

Does my password ever expire?

If you have a medical center affiliation or frequently use medical center resources there is a requirement to change your password every 180 days. For all University affiliated accounts there is no password expiration requirements.

Access to the Web Site

I am a new hire, and I cannot do any transactions in the Duke@Work web site. How do I gain access to perform transactions?

Contact your Department Payroll Representative to determine the status of your New Hire transaction.

Will the Duke@Work web site be available for Non-compensatory recipients?

No. Non-Compensatory recipients are not Duke employees; therefore they do not have access to the Duke@Work web site. Please submit information via paper forms that can be found on the Corporate Payroll Services web site.

If I am planning to leave Duke, will I have access to the Duke@Work web site?

As of the termination date, access to the system will be denied. Paper statements will be mailed to you at the last home address in the system.

If I am receiving leave with severance pay, will I have access to the Duke@Work web site?

Yes. You will have access while you are receiving severance. Once severance ends, you will not have access as of the termination date.

If I am on a leave of absence, will I have access to the Duke@Work web site?

Yes. You will have access while you are on leave of absence. If your leave of absence ends and you are terminated, you will not have access as of the termination date.

Can I access the Duke@Work web site from home?

Yes. You will need to have a computer, web browser and an internet connection. Please visit the Log-In Help page for browser requirements.

I am a Duke Temporary Services employee. What information can I view on the Duke@Work web site?

You can view your pay statement, tax changes, and direct deposit information.

My Benefits Questions

Where can I find more information about the benefits listed under "Benefits Participation"?

For information about your medical and dental benefits, please see the Medical & Dental Benefits web site. For information about your employee or employer 403(b) plans, please see the Retirement Plans web site.

What is the "Employer Credit" I see under the participation details of my medical benefit?

This is the contribution Duke makes on your behalf toward the total premium for your health insurance.

How can I update my dependent information for health insurance?

If faculty or staff experience a qualifying life event, they may enroll or make changes to their dependent information for some of their Duke benefits within 30 days of the event. Any change must be consistent with the qualifying event. For example, adding a dependent to health insurance coverage following the birth of a child. Currently, dependent information cannot be updated through the Duke@Work web site. Please visit the HR web site for information on how to update dependent information.

I processed a change for open enrollment, when can I expect to see that change reflected in my information?

The benefit elections you made during Open Enrollment in October 2008 will take effect in January 2009. Your benefit deductions for the month of January will be reflected in your December 2008 pay statement.

My Pay Questions

Can I claim "exempt" on my W-4 and NC-4?

If you are choosing to claim "exempt" on your W-4 and/or NC-4, you must complete a paper copy of each form. The forms can be found online at the Payroll web site. Once completed, please mail or deliver forms to Corporate Payroll Service, 705 Broad Street, Room 101.

I receive a live check not direct deposit. Can I see my pay statement online?

Yes, you will be able to see your pay statement online on the day prior to pay day; however checks will not be distributed until payday.

How many months will pay statements be available for viewing?

You will be able to view and print pay statements issued since August, 2002.

Will 2009 W-2 statements be available on the web site?

No. Online W-2 statement availability is still in development. For questions concerning W-2s, please contact Corporate Payroll Services at 684-2642. 

I can see my pay statement the day before payday, does that mean the funds are available in my bank account if I have direct deposit?

No. Funds directly deposited into your account will not be available until pay day.

If I transfer payroll areas (e.g., from a bi-weekly paid position to monthly paid position), what paycheck will I see?

Your pay statement will reflect the most recent position as of the payroll deadline.

What happens if I frequently change my tax exemptions?

The exemption that will be reflected in your pay statement will be the last change you entered into the system, before the Self Service web site was locked in order for Corporate Payroll Services to execute a payroll.

Can I print my pay statement?

Yes. You can print your pay statement just as it will appear on your direct deposit voucher and live check.

I have stopped receiving paper pay statements, but now need an "official" copy of my pay statement, what do I need to do?

Visit Corporate Payroll Services at 705 Broad Street and complete a form to request pay statements from previous pay periods. Please note there is a $3.00 charge for copies and it will take three business days to process your request.

How do I know how many exemptions to claim on my W-4 or NC-4 tax forms?

For information regarding tax exemptions, please visit the Internal Revenue Service web site or the North Carolina Department of Revenue web site.

My Profile Questions

What is the process for changing my name or my marital status?

To change your name or marital status please contact your Department Payroll Representative once you have an updated Social Security Card reflecting the new information.

What is the process for changing information on 'My Profile Summary' such as education, veteran status or work address that is incorrect?

To change information on your 'My Profile Summary' please contact your Department Payroll Representative.

If I change my address now, how will it impact my benefits information?

The HR department will update your address with your benefit vendors, including health, dental, vision, reimbursement accounts, life insurance, and voluntary benefits.

Log-In Help

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