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Dial up discounts on mobile phones, service

Suzanne Finley
Suzanne Finley and her daughter, Gracie, enjoy their phones purchased with a Duke discount.
Photo is courtesy of Kellie Finley, 7.
Category: Benefits

-- By Marsha A. Green
November 30, 2010

Suzanne Finley's 11-year old daughter, Gracie, whooped for joy when she unwrapped her birthday present last summer: a hot pink Verizon Razzle cell phone with a bottom section that swivels to reveal music player controls and a keyboard for texting.

"She really wanted a cool phone when she entered middle school, and the Razzle fit the bill," said Finley, a clinical research coordinator II in the Department of Orthopaedics.

The phone fit the bill in another sense, too. Finley saved about 15 percent on the phone and the service plan by using the discount offered to Duke faculty and staff. Employees are eligible for a variety of discounts on Verizon phones, as well as 15 percent off Verizon monthly plans of $35 or more and 25 percent off accessories. AT&T Wireless and Sprint/Nextel also offer discounts to Duke employees.

Finley started using Duke's Verizon discount two years ago after reading about the savings in Working@Duke. She was already planning to switch mobile plans to obtain better reception near her home in Cedar Grove, but the Duke discount was an added bonus.

"I saved over $100 on just the phones, in addition to the discount on the monthly plan," she said.

Finley also used the 15 percent Verizon discount on monthly rates to add her mother-in-law to the family plan. "Now she has a phone when she goes out to get the mail, or goes out shopping," Finley said. "We feel a lot more comfortable knowing she can reach us."

A few weeks after Gracie's birthday, Finley and her daughter stopped in the Verizon store in Burlington to outfit Gracie with headphones and a pink and green carrying case. Even though she hadn't been to that store, Finley received the 25 percent Duke discount for accessories.

"I didn't even have to show my Duke ID," Finley said. "When I gave them our account number, they automatically gave us the discount. It was that easy."


For more information, visit  Check out the full list of discounts available to Duke employees through the Duke PERQS program.