Achieving Our Goals

DUHS needs to continue to enhance performance to fulfill its mission. In order to be successful, all DUHS employees need to:

Employees and managers said (in the Work Culture Survey and other means) that they don't understand the health system's goals and priorities or how they contribute to DUHS's success

Without this understanding, even well intentioned individual or team efforts may not contribute to the overall success of the Health System. Clearly defining our goals will help us all understand what it is we are striving to achieve. It will also help us measure whether we are achieving our goals individually and collectively.

Why High Performance is Important

High performance is important because it is central to the mission of the health system. By constantly monitoring and improving performance, Duke has retained its position as one of the best academic health systems in the nation.

DUHS continues to face significant challenges in delivering its mission. Some of those challenges include:

  • economic downturn and increasing levels of charity care
  • clinical staffing shortages for registered nurses and allied health workers
  • diminishing reimbursements from federal and state programs such as Medicare and Medicaid
  • increasing cost connected with the important advances in pharmaceuticals and technology