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Using the "Internal Candidate" portal

Duke is committed to supporting the career advancement of its employees. Many departments review internal applicants before looking outside of Duke to fill vacancies, and sometimes jobs are restricted to internal candidates. The Duke employee listing will contain all jobs available at Duke on any given day. If you enter through the External applicant link, you will not see jobs that are restricted to internal candidates.

The "Internal Candidates" link is protected by NetID. This allows the system to identify you as a Duke employee when you log on through this link. You can log on to the site with your NetID from any computer with internet access. You do not need to use a Duke computer.

When you use the "Internal Candidates" link, your information will remain confidential. Only Recruitment and the hiring manager will have access to your information in the applicant tracking system – the same as if you used the External applicant link.

If you have questions about using the "Internal Candidates" link, please call the Human Resources Information Center at 684-5600.