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Take Home Pay Calculator (2016 Tax Rates)

The Duke-specific Take Home Pay Calculator is an estimate of your net income based upon criteria that you provide. Your paycheck may differ from the calculator results. Employees who have reached their FICA tax maximum may see significant variations between their paycheck and calculator results of their FICA tax amount.

**Note: the calculator currently reflects 2016 tax rates.

  Payroll Area:  
  Federal Tax Class:  
  State Tax Rate:  
  Number of Allowances Claimed on Federal Tax Form:  
  Number of Allowances Claimed on State Tax Form:  
  Gross Salary per Pay Period: $
  Supplemental Income: $
  Are You Subject to FICA Tax?  
  Health Insurance: $
  Dental Insurance: $
  Vision Care Insurance: $
  Post Retirement Life Insurance: $
  Day Care Reimbursement: $
  Health Care Reimbursement: $
  Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation: $
  403(b) Pre-tax Contributions: $
  Life Insurance: $
  Personal Accident Insurance: $
  Credit Union: $
  Pretax Parking: $
  Additional Federal Withholding: $
  Additional State Withholding: $
  Other (including ROTH 403(b) contributions): $