Lactation Rooms

Duke provides  20 lactation rooms for faculty and staff to support women balancing their return to work with their needs as mothers of young children. Each room offers a clean, secure, and user-friendly environment for women who need to express breast milk during their work shift. (*Two lactation rooms will be available for use in the Duke Medical Pavilion effective 1/20/2015.)

Getting Started

To get started using one of the Duke Lactation Rooms, just follow these steps:

  1. Set up your Duke ID card for access: please submit the access form so that your Duke ID card can be programmed for access. It is best to do this at least ten days in advance. This form should be printed, completed and faxed to Staff and Family Programs requesting access to the lactation rooms.  You may also submit the form via email. Staff & Family Programs will forward your information to either the Duke Card Office or Medical Center Card Office for processing.
  2. Obtain breast pump attachments: most lactation rooms are equipped with a Medela Symphony Preemie+ electric pump. You will need to bring your own attachments for the Medela Symphony Preemie+ pump. Visit the Medela website for information on locations to purchase the attachments. You may also want to review the Symphony Preemie+ Quickstart Instructions before your first visit.  
  3. Plan for storage/cooling: refrigeration/storage is not provided in the rooms, so be prepared to store your breast milk as needed.

Returning to Work

Download a checklist on how to be prepared for returning to work while breastfeeding.

Cleaning & Sanitization

All Lactation Room users are expected to clean up after each use of a room, especially when using the on-site pump equipment. This is not only out of respect for the next user, but to prevent contamination and illness transmission. Each user should allow enough time, within your visit, to clean the pump equipment of breast milk spills after each use and dispose of trash properly. Cavicide wipes and paper towels are provided for cleaning spills off the pump and from the areas around the pump. We do not recommend that you use these products to sanitize your personal equipment.


Upon accessing the room, slide the sign to IN USE to alert other users that someone is using the room. Slide the sign back to VACANT when you leave the room unoccupied. Please respect the privacy of all Lactation Room users by knocking before keying in your card access to the rooms. Do not prop open the door at any time.

Scheduling Time in the Lactation Rooms

After you have set up your Duke ID card for room access, you may reserve room space by using an online lactation room calendar scheduler. Lactation room users will also be able to cancel their reservation from the online scheduler, freeing the room for other users.

How to Request Access

The Google Calendar does not sync with Duke email addresses. You will need  to use a Google, Yahoo, Hotmail account,  etc. (non-Duke email address) in order to use the online calendar. Please provide your non-Duke email address when submitting your request for lactation room access. 

If you have questions regardiing the use of the lactation room calendars, you may email  

LSRC Lactation Room Users

Requests for access to the LSRC lactation room calendar should be sent to

ATC Lactation Room Users

Requests to schedule time in the ATC lactation rooms should be sent to

While users will be able to schedule time in advance, we ask that you not schedule more than 30 days in advance. This will provide everyone with more flexibility to reserve space in the lactation room as their needs change.

Rooms set for use by more than one user at a time are to be scheduled based on available pumps in the room. (ex. Duke South Clinic, Duke North Hospital, French Science)

How do we set up a lactation room?

Ultimately the aim is to creating a private, clean and comfortable space for your breastfeeding mothers. An unused large closet or private area off of a women's restroom would work. The area should be at least 7 feet by 7 feet, be ventilated, have a door that locks, electrical power and be completely private. It should also be accessible to employees with disabilities. Please email Staff and Family Programs for more information on how you can set up your lactation room.

Lactation Room Locations

Site Room # Location
Perkins Library Employee Lounge Women's room 1st floor next to Women's room
Duke South Clinic (2 pumps) 5007 Take purple zone elevator to 5th floor. Turn left at corner.
Duke North Hospital (3 pumps) 3220A 3rd floor, follow signs to 3220.
DCRI 4107A DCRI 4th floor key access required for entry
DCRI 6015 DCRI 6th floor key access required for entry
Hudson Hall Engineering Annex,
Research Drive
190 Enter Hudson Hall, follow hallway on right, turn left at stairs, room is on the left at the end of hallway.
French Science Family Room (2 pumps) 1230 Take the stairs down to the bottom floor, turn right and pass the elevator. Room is at the end of the hallway.
Friedl Building (Formerly East Campus Building) 235 Take stairs to the second floor and the room is straight ahead. Or turn left after exiting the elevator on the second floor.
Levine Science Research Center (LSRC), 450 Research Drive B305 Take main stairs or elevator to third floor, turn left, room is on your left.
Fuqua School of Business E141 In Keller East, if you enter from the circle (front of building) immediately turn left, the room is the last door on the left.
The Durham Center (300 W. Morgan St. in downtown Durham) 903 and 1103
See receptionists on eighth floor to be buzzed in room.
Smith Warehouse Bay 6 167 Family Room

After entering Bay 6, turn left, room is on the left.

MSRB (set for 3 pump stations - 1 ppump provided) 0025D Enter the building from the Research Drive side. Take elevator down one level. Go through double doors. Make the first left down the hallway.
ATC - Strickland Building (334 BlackwellSt.)* 1st floor 1st floor room is next to Ocracoke meeting room.
DUHS Clinical Labs (4425 Ben Franklin Blvd.) 114 Enter at the Front entrance Administration Lobby area, Lactation Room 114 will be to your right.  Please make note that  you will need to sign in & out at the front desk
Duke Cancer Institute (formerly Duke Cancer Center)* 3N71 Enter Cancer Center from the Level 2 Concourse entrance. Take elevator to Level 3. Lactation room is directly across the hall.
Duke Cancer Institute (formerly Duke Cancer Center) 3N72 Enter Cancer Center from the Level 2 Concourse entrance. Take elevator to Level 3. Lactation room is directly across the hall.
Duke Medical Pavilion* 2W01A 2nd floor - proceed through hall entrance marked  "employees only". Turn left at end of hallway.
Duke Medical Pavilion  2W01B 2nd floor - proceed through hall entrance marked  "employees only". Turn left at end of hallway.
Sands Building (303 Research Dr.)* 447 Take the elevator to the 4th floor - Room 447 is at the opposite end of the center hallway, within sight of the elevators.

*Pumps are not provided for this room.

Communication List-serve

Staff and Family Programs maintains a lactation room user list with contact information. Signing up for room access includes your membership on a listserv to facilitate communications between Staff and Family Programs and users of the lactation rooms.