Elder Care

Elder Care

Duke Family Support Program - The Duke Family Support Program is your source for help with Alzheimer's, memory disorders and elder care decisions. The Duke Family Support Program serves families and professionals concerned about or caring for persons with memory disorders in North Carolina, and Duke employees seeking help with elder care decisions.

  • Elder Care Consultations - As the population ages, Duke's faculty and staff will find a need for assistance with an aging parent. The Duke Family Support Program provides elder care referrals and resources to Duke faculty and staff who require this assistance. Please contact the Duke Family Support Program at 660-7510.


Retirement Plans - Duke offers comprehensive retirement plans that allow employees to save for retirement and pay less in taxes now as the money invested in these accounts and the interest earned is tax-deferred (or tax-sheltered).

Duke University Retiree Association (DURA) - An organization open to all Duke retirees. DURA arranges social events for retirees, offers discounts to Duke stores, and allows retiree access to selected Duke facilities.

External Resources

CareGuide - CareGuide is an award-winning website featuring a full range of services, articles and resources for elder care.

Aging Solutions - A comprehensive resource for family caregivers during all stages of care.

Full Circle of Care - A web site run by the Triangle J Area Agency on Aging to provide information and services specific to family caregivers of older adults.