Same Sex Spousal Equivalent Information

Duke University has established diversity as one of its five core values, and Human Resources is glad to be able to extend benefits to the same sex partner of an employee that are similar (though not identical) to the benefits extended to the opposite sex spouse of an employee. The identical benefit package is presently constrained under federal and state laws (e.g. The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) regarding tax implications of benefits provided to a same sex partner).

We continue to strive to make all benefits equally available to all employees whenever possible and are happy to answer your questions or help you with the registration process. Click on any of the links on the left for more information about the benefits available to a same sex partner.

The terms "partner" and "same sex spousal equivalent" will be used interchangeably. The first step is to register your partner as your same-sex spousal equivalent by completing the Declaration of Same-Sex Spousal Equivalent Relationship.  Once you have completed this declaration, you may mail the completed form to Duke HR or stop by 705 Broad Street.  This is a confidential form that will be maintained in the corporate Human Resources personnel file and used only to determine benefit plan eligibility.  If you wish to add your same-sex partner to your health, dental, or vision insurance, then please also complete a Same-Sex Spousal Equivalent Certification of Dependent Status form along with a Health, Dental, and Vision Enrollment Form.

Important Note

Your benefits are paid to you based on legal documents - not on this overview or any other written or oral statements. You are welcome to see those legal documents, and you are invited to discuss any questions you have with a Benefits representative. Duke reserves the right to change, amend or terminate plans or programs in the future.