Duke University Retirees Association (DURA)

The Duke University Retirees Association (DURA) exists to provide meaningful opportunities for Duke retirees to stay in touch with colleagues, enjoy social interactions and find ways to volunteer services at Duke.

Membership is open to all retirees. Membership information and an application are provided to prospective retirees during their retirement planning session through the Duke Benefits staff. Alternatively, Interested retirees may apply online following their date of retirement. DURA is supported by Staff and Family Programs of Duke Corporate HR. Contact us at Staff-Family-Programs@duke.edu for more information.


DURA members receive the DURA newsletter and notices of meetings and social gatherings. Activities include two annual meetings of the membership, usually in the months of April and December. Combining refreshments, entertainment, and the necessary business of DURA, these events afford members the opportunity to visit with friends and former co-workers.

Duke Store Discount
DURA members may obtain a discount from the University store in the Bryan Center. The discount is valid any time but can only be used once a year and is equal to the number of years of service (maximum of 30%). The DURA membership card must be presented at time of purchase. The discount cannot be combined with any other discount. Contact Staff and Family Programs at 684-9040 to receive the DURA membership card.


The idea of a retiree association at Duke (DURA) was first expressed by Charles B. Huestis, former Senior Vice President, at the Quarter Century Club banquet in 1982. The idea was carried forward by a group of dedicated individuals and DURA was formed in 1983 with Elon Clark as the first president.

DURA maintains its liaison with Duke University through the department of Staff & Family Programs in the Office of Human Resources.


Except for those powers reserved exclusively for the general membership, all powers of DURA are exercised by or under the authority of the Board of Directors. The Board is composed of seventeen members elected by the membership, including a President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Secretary. There are three groups of four directors, to be elected each year to serve for three years. New Board members take office on April first.