Store Address: 04290 Red Zone, DUMC
Store and Library Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Exception: Closed Wednesday, Noon to 2:00 p.m.
Items below may be purchased with LIVE FOR LIFE Dollars.

Picture Title & Description LFL Dollars
Jump Rope
(To help you get a jump on the competition. Available in green & white)
Measuring Spoons $20
 Dr. Ann's Eat Right for Life On The Go $35
Measuring Cups $35
Dr. Ann's Eat Right for Life Book or Cookbook
Dr. Ann's Eat Right for Life Book or Cookbook $35
 Stop STRESS this Minute $40
Kitchen Cutting Board
Kitchen Cutting Board $40
Swim Caps $40
3 Piece Plastic Food Container
3 Piece Plastic Food Container $45
Divider Dish $45
Tennis Balls
(Yellow, hard court)
Embroidered Fleece Scarf $60
Embroidered Fleece Gloves $60
 First Aid Kit $70
Cotton Tee Shirts
(LIVE FOR LIFE logo. Available in different colors, Sizes small-XX available)
Low Cut Socks
(Cool max, running, walking, or cross training socks. Sizes M & L)
Travel Mugs
Travel Mugs
(Available in multiple colors with spill proof lids)
Swim Goggle (available in assorted colors) $80
Water Bottle Stainless Steel Waterbottle
(available in assorted colors)
Tool Kit
Tool Kit $100
Personal Food & Fitness Journal $100
Weight-Lifting Gloves
(Red trim, black, washable leather gloves. Sizes S-XL)
Lunch Bags
(available in assorted colors)
Beach Towels (available in assorted colors) $150
Reflector Vests
(For those late evening runs. Available in neon yellow)
Insulated Cooler Bag $160
 Champion Sports Bras (Available in multiple sizes and colors) $160
Shoulder Tote Bag (available in assorted colors) $160
Dash Diet Book $170
 Dyna Bands Dyna Bands "Exercise Bands" $180
Exercise Mat (available in assorted colors) $180
Chair Massage
(Enjoy a 15 minute chair massage; experience convenient & immediate results. Use LFL dollars, cash or check)
Travel Amenity Bags
(Available in black/tan & black/blue)
Performance Short Sleeve Shirt
Performance Short Sleeve Shirt $200
Performance Shorts
Performance Shorts $200
Tote Umbrellas
(Travel size, available in assorted colors)
 LIVE FOR LIFE Stadium Seat $220
 Yoga Mat with Carrying Case $220
Fitness DVDs (assorted) $220
Golf Umbrella (available in assorted colors) $220
2, 3, 4 or 5lb Dumbbells
(Available in sets of 2)
 Back Pack Back Pack (available in assorted colors) $260
Back Pack with Wheels Back Pack with Wheels (available in assorted colors) $270
Bike Helmet
(Heavy plastic, available in assorted colors and sizes)
Digital Food Scale
Digital Food Scale $280
(To measure your stride. Measures steps, stride, distance, & calories)
Exercise Balls with Pumps $300
Full Zip Fleece Jackets
(Available in sizes Small- 2X, and assorted colors)
Highway Emergency Kits
(Includes jumper cables, fix-a-flat, etc.)
Yoga or Pilates Kit $325
8lb or 10lb Dumbbells
(Sets of 2)
Omron Heart Monitor $350
Locker Bags
(Available in blue/black & tan/black)
Large Duffle Bags
(Available in assorted colors)
Omron Blood Pressure Monitor $450
Apple Ipod Shuffles 4th Generation Apple IPOD Shuffle (available in assorted colors) $600
Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker (available in assorted colors) $600
 Small Binoculars Small Binoculars $650
Large Binoculars
Large Binoculars $700